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System for manual storage of small-medium products. It allows the immediate access to every unit of load. Kimer has a large variety of accessories to adapt to any customer demand. This system also allows to make several floors in height, achieving the maximum use of your available space.

Kimer advantages:

- We can convert your longspan storage into a dynamic longspan storage:

The racks have roller tracks incorporated with a small slope wich allows the slide of the goods, by gravity and at a controlled speed, to the opposite end.

- Easy assembly

- The longspan reinforcement remains totally hidden inside the beam.

- Large variety of accessories: ex. tube beams for hanging up clothes.

- Possibility to use the total height of the wharehouse for access to the higher levels across walkways.

- You can choose either metallic shelf or chipboard pannel.

- It fulfils FEM regulations.

- Product tested by the Technical University of Valencia.

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